Logbook Servicing

Any new car bought from a dealership typically comes with a warranty, protecting your investment by covering the cost of certain unexpected problems or expenses. To maintain the warranty, you’re asked to bring the vehicle to a reputable mechanic for a logbook service, to examine your vehicle for potential trouble spots before they become big problems.

We’re able to perform logbook services for a range of makes and models of petrol and diesel passenger cars, as well as various light commercial vehicles. We’ll let you know of any issues in your vehicle, and you’ll drive away with an intact warranty.

To have your next logbook service done with us, get in touch today and organise a booking!

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If you’re selling or otherwise changing the registration of a vehicle, check out our roadworthy inspections page.

When you’re thinking about buying a secondhand vehicle, we would recommend bringing it in for a pre-purchase inspection. This way you can know exactly what you’re buying, and avoid any nasy surprises.

If you’re planning a long trip, we would urge you to get a pre-trip inspection. This ensures that any issue with the vehicle can be identified and fixed before you set off, and you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

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Your brakes are both your vehicle’s most important safety feature, and the system most prone to wear and tear. Your brakes are put under a tremendous amount of strain, as they bring a ton or more of weight to a complete stop from speed, multiple times a day!

Pakenham Mechanical can repair or replace your brakes’ key components, from brake pads, discs and drums to the machining of new parts specific to the needs of your vehicle. We can also service your vehicle’s anti-lock braking system. To find out more about how you can get the most out of your brakes, contact us today.

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Steering and Suspension

Badly performing steering and suspension can create problems in many other areas of your car, from increased tyre wear and poor ride comfort to unresponsive handling and body roll while negotiating corners.

We can repair your steering column and other related components, replace bushing, repair your power steering and fit a new set of shock absorbers for improved ride comfort. For tighter control on the road and reduced tyre wear, we can also perform wheel alignments.

To learn more about what we can do for your handling or ride comfort behind the wheel, get in touch with us today.

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Exhaust Services

Your exhaust is responsible for drawing spent air and fumes away from your engine and cabin. A leak may create performance problems in your engine, leading to power loss and increased fuel consumption.

The experienced team at Pakenham Mechanical can make repairs to your exhaust system, from patching up leaks to complete replacement and installation of a new stock model muffler or aftermarket extractor, more effectively letting clean air back into your engine. We can also provide you with replacement exhaust parts, and perform modifications and upgrades if you’re looking for a cost effective performance upgrade.

To find out more about our exhaust services, get in touch with us today.

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Air Conditioning

Australia’s unpredictable and sometimes harsh climate makes an air conditioning system ready to keep you cool on demand essential to driver comfort. While your air con would get a lot of use through summer, the cooler months usually see it used far less – this can lead to cracks and leaks developing in the valves and hoses, meaning your air con isn’t ready when you need it.

We can service your air conditioning system, patching up leaks and replacing damaged hoses and valves as required. Once we’re certain it’s airtight, we can also re-gas your air conditioning system, keeping your car nice and cool.

To find out more, or to organise an inspection of your air con, give us a call today.

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Clutches & Transmissions

As part of the drivetrain, the system that transmits power from the engine to the wheels, your transmission is made up some of the most complex and intricate machinery in your vehicle.

Due to its sophisticated nature, even minor flaws can quickly escalate into very costly repairs. Keep an eye out for these warning signs: Difficulty changing gears or staying in gear, a grinding or clunking noise when changing gear, reduced power output, or a burning smell after driving. If you notice any of these, you should get in touch with us before you drive any further, and we will figure out if you can drive to our workshop or if we need to organise a tow truck.

Here at Pakenham Mechanical, our expert technicans can help you with servicing, repairs and replacement of automatic and manual transmissions, differentials and CV Joints.

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Engine Repairs

Along with your brakes, your engine is extremely hard working, and even with proper maintenance and servicing, can occasionally need repairs.

Here at Pakenham Mechanical, our skilled mechanics can help you with: Engine testing, engine blocks, cylinder heads, camshafts and EFI diagnostics.

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Cooling System

If your cooling system is malfunctioning, it can cause issues such as reduced power output, decreased fuel efficiency, and even lessened engine lifespan, as leaking coolant and overheating damages the engine. If these problems are left untreated for long enough, they will render your vehicle immobile, with the cost of repairs being comparable to buying a secondhand car!

Pakenham Mechanical’s talented technicians can help you with: Radiator and heater unit repairs and replacement, head gasket replacement, coolant flushes and thermostat check and replacement.

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Auto Electrical

As cars become more sophisticated with a greater range of electronic components, a properly functioning auto-electrical system is now more essential to your vehicle than ever. With your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic tools only communicating problems to you through at-times-confusing lights on your dashboard, knowing exactly what in your vehicle needs fixing can sometimes be tough.

We can diagnose and repair faults in your car’s electrics, solving lighting and indicator issues and bringing SRS, ABS and power steering systems back to working condition. Our team can also use the latest diagnostic scan tools to troubleshoot any issues your vehicle might have, allowing us to make effective repairs and get your vehicle back into shape.

If your vehicle’s suffering from electrical trouble, contact us today to organise an inspection.

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Your tyres can be subjected to unnecessary wear and tear without being properly fitted to your rims, and without a comprehensive wheel balancing and alignment service.

We’re able to fit, balance and align your new tyres, ensuring maximum contact between your vehicle and the road for reduced tyre wear and optimum benefit to your handling behind the wheel.

To ask about our tyre services, get in touch with one of our friendly staff today!

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Other Services

Here at Pakenham Mechanical, we can offer these additional services:

  • Caravan repairs
  • Agricultural Equipment repairs
  • Trailer repairs
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Towing
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